Reduce 146 days to Real-Time

It takes 146 days to recognize hacking incident. Investigating vulnerabilities by analyzing logs is extremely time-consuming and may lead to intriguing files. PLURA analyzes log in real-time and informs you of hacking risk. Receive dangerous log analyzed lists and alarms on web and mobile application. You can deal with security incident in one day.


SaaS server security service

Once you install PLURA Agent on your server, It collects and sends logs to remote cloud server and analyze them. Don’t purchase any equipment and employ additional human resource. Minimize initial cost and get the best security infrastructure. Our cloud service system hardly affects your system performance.

The best hacking detection expert

PLURA is not a security log monitoring tool but also a log analyzing service that is optimized for hacking detection. With 0% misdetection rate, PLURA provides functions such as real-time filtering suspicious logs, detailed explanation for each log analyzed result, statistical detection, file forgery detection and IP management.

Reduce 90% of work burden

Reduce up to 90% of repeated tasks like log analysis, monitoring, searching, tracking, storing and collecting.

Entrust PLURA with security-related task and concentrate on more important things.

All you need to do is checking the log from the alert.

PLURA is easy

Can meet professional and kind log analysis service. Plus, it’s interface is also easy and comfortable.