Qubit Security is a professional information security company. We have been exceedingly studied ‘hacking’, and developed real-time hacking detection cloud platform ‘PLURA'(https://plura.io) for the first time in the world.
We have changed the paradigm of security based on Big data analysis, machine learning, the largest scale of security log database in Korea, and real-time hacking detection technology. Our goal is to solve  chronic troubles of security incident that could never be solved by traditional post-audit way.

Established in March 2014, Qubit Security took the first step into information security industry and was registered as venture enterprise by getting a credit for innovative technology from Korean Technology Finance Corporation. Global Institutional investors supported us generously and our fast growth engine is your impression and satisfaction. We want to be with you as a supporter and a companion in your life.

Our Vision

Real-time hacking detection and protection
1.System security
2.Application security
From Enterprises to End-Users
1. Enterprise client
2. End-User customer
New paradigm for security
1. Cloud based security service
2. Machine-Learning oriented hacking patternization
3. Analyzing hacking risk based on Big data


2019.04 Year of 2019. Selection of Priority Buying Recommendation for Excellent Inventions. Patent Office / Korea Invention Promotion Association
2019.04 Japan IT Week IoT / M2M (Spring) Participation, Tokyo, Japan, Jonan Industrial Promotion Agency, Japan
2019.04 Participation in Shinhan Futures Lab 5th, Shinhan Financial Group


2018.05 Japan office opened, KOTRA Tokyo IT Center
# 100-6005 Kasumigaseki, Tokyo 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki Building 5th Floor KOTRA_L-07
2018.09 Patent Registration (Republic of Korea), “System and Method for Detecting Attacks Based on Real Time Log Analysis” (Registry Number: 10-1896267)
2018.10 Patent Registration (Republic of Korea), “Web Traffic Logging System and Method for Detecting Real-Time Web Hacking” (Registry Number: 10-1909957)
2018.10 Patent application (PCT International, Japan, United States), “Web traffic logging system and method for detecting real-time web hacking”
2018.12 Designated ‘PLURA’ as Excellent Information Protection Technology and Product for 2018 by Ministry of Science and ICT, KISA


2017.02 Signed contract for sales with Youngwoo digital products
2017.04 Selected as Global SaaS Incubating project, NIPA
2017.05 DB-stars selected, Korea Data Agency
2017.05 Added product to Korea online E-procurement System, prod id 23213052, PPS
2017.07 Registered CJ Olive Networks Excellence Solution
2017.08 Registered as a partner company of SK Corporation
2017.09 TIPS Global Expansion Project, KISED


2016.02 ‘PLURA’ service Official Lanching
2016.03 ‘Orange Fab Asia Spring’ participation
2016.06 Awards of the Mayor of Suwon
2016.06 ‘Challenge!K-Startup’ participation, KBS
2016.07 ‘GS’ 1-Rating Certification, TTA
2016.08 Awards of the Minister of National Defense
2016.09 Chosen as CEL Membership, KOCCA
2016.10 Contract with Whatap Labs, Inc.
2016.11 Joined G-Star 2016
2016.11 Cloud service certified. KACI
2016.12 Global SaaS Incubating Project (GSIP) Congeniality Award Project, MSIP
2016.12 Chosen as K-GLOBA 300 , MSIP


2015.01 Signed product sales agreement with Inet Hosting Inc.
2015.03 Joined SparkLabs 5 th class.
2015.04 Signed product sales agreement with Sejong Telecom Inc.
2015.10 Joined beGLOBAL San Francisco 2015
2015.11 Signed product sales agreement with Future system Inc.
2015.12 Selected as TIPS program supported Startup


2014.03 Corporation Established.
2014.06 Led ‘Contents Cluster Building Project’(SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency).
2014.08 Registered as Venture company(No. 20140109396), Technology Guarantee
2014.12 Led ‘Customized Startup Business Project’.(Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development)